Illustratific, what’s this ?

Hermann & Begonia

The aventures of Hermann and Begonia are short stories to tak, as simply as possible, about highly multidisciplinary topics, including water 💧 resources, ARN vaccine 🧬 , oil peak ⛽️, colors ⭕️ , the light of the fireflies 🔥, quantum computers….  I always have plenty of questions to my my friend Hermann.

These stories are published by Récréascience, the University of Limoges and the CATRIN institut at Olomouc in Czech Republic. 


Infographics & Illustrations

Scientific Illustrations can be made on-demand about any topics. They aim at educating broad audience (society,  primary & secondary schools) to enjoy and understand Science in another way and even to catch advanced and modern science.

Painting & Drawings

Go and visit the gallery of paintings and drawings (animals, travel diary, live model…) issued from classes, sketches, studies…

Molecular Journey

Atoms and molecules are so tiny that only ultra powerful microscopes allow watching them. Alternatively, we can create molecular models on supercomputers! The Molecular Journey is a pedagogical action to make broad audience including pupils, from primary & secondary schools, live a unique experience in infinitely small… in the middle of molecules!!!

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